XI Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi
European Festivals Association (EFA)

February 2018, from 16 to 18

Festival readings - a three-day intensive training course that includes lectures on the theme of the Festival Management. The purpose of this event is to show the festival as an important basis for the development of art, the festival place in society, paying particular attention to the context and environment in which the festival is held. During the Festival Readings are discussed such important topics as communication, creation festival product, budget etc.

In each edition of the readings attended by prominent leaders of major festivals or curators of cultural projects, sharing their experience, and the presentations should be discussion with the project participants. The participants of the conference attend the festival. There are meetings with the artists, during which discusses the impact of festivals on their activities, career.

The project involves:

Young staff of the festivals, Philharmonic halls, theaters
Students (management, art, drama)
Employees and young managers of public and private cultural institutions in age from 18 to 35 years old

In order to participate in the Festival readings
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Of the XI Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi

Том Криид (Ирландия)

Оперный и театральный режиссер, организатор фестивалей

Ким Вайтенер (США)

Театральный и танцевальный продюсер, организатор фестивалей в США

Берна Фавр д`Арси (Франция)

Директор фестиваля в Авиньоне – президент Биеннале в Лионе

Хуго Де Гриф (Бельгия)

Один из основателей и член комитета Академии Фестивалей, генеральный координатор Академии Фестивалей, бывший генеральный секретарь ЕФА

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