The program of concerts of the XII international Winter arts festival in Sochi

U Theatre — “Sound of the Ocean”

A monumental work about water
February 22, 2019
Beginning at 19:00
Winter Theater
Description of the concert

Sound of the Ocean, a monumental work about water, was originally created in 1998 to celebrate U Theatre’s 10th Anniversary for a performance at the world-renowned French Festival d’Avignon. Sound of the Ocean tells of the “water of life, which nourishes our souls.” The music and drumming and movement simulate the remarkably diverse and distinctive sounds of water in its five sections: “Collapse”, “Flowing Water”, “Breakers”, “Listening to the Ocean Heart”, and “Sound of the Ocean” as individual drops gather together to form a stream and streams create a river which eventually rushes into the ocean.

Sound of the Ocean is not a narrative drama performance. There is neither storyline, nor dialogue. It simply and abstractly expresses the conception of “water”. The audiences do not need to seek storyline from it, but to feel the flowing of water. The flowing of water represents the journey of life, and each audience is set to experience their own life’s story right there, and response themselves to Sound of the Ocean. Sound of the Ocean is a sharing, between the performers and the audiences – sharing life, sharing continuous moments and sharing the present.

Artistic Director: Liu, Ruo-Yu
Music Director: Huang, Chih-Chun
Set / Lighting Design: Lin, Keh-Hua
Costume Design: Tim Yip
Vocalist: Iki Tadaw

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